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  • Valentina Kanich

    People with abandonment issue build a stronghold in their mind ,a place where they need to be strong and survive.So many times they will push anyone that come close to their stronghold ,afraid of surrendering , because they need to be strong . But until they learn that they have to surrender that stronghold ,their life will be like this abandon beautiful place.

  • Rocío López

    Sometimes I want to run away, become a crazy hermit, and haunt a place like this until the locals begin telling ghost stories. (Kobayr monastery, near Tumanyan, Lori Province, Armenia, founded in 1171, now abandoned)

  • Love Dharma

    "Last week, I understood the nature of impermanence. It's not a terrible hole in our lives; it's a wide open space ready to be lived. It is life." ~ Sam Russell - (Kobayr: monastery, located near the town of Tumanyan, Lori Province, Armenia, founded in 1171, now abandoned.)

  • Sandra Lee Larsen

    Kobayr is a 12th century Armenian monastery located in the village Kober within Lori marz, Armenia. The monastery was built on a shelf of a gorge by the princes of the junior Bagratuni branch, Kyurikids in 1171. The monastery is currently undergoing renovation funded by the government of Armenia with the assistance of the government of Italy. The ruins of the main church in the monastery contain frescoes of Christ and the twelve apostles as well as the Church Fathers and other Christian figures.

  • Meisha Maloney

    Kobayr (in Քոբայր) - monastery, located near the town of Tumanyan, Lori Province, Armenia, founded in 1171. and another fairytale wedding location for photos

  • Katey McCutcheon

    'Abandoned Armenia''- a kind of appeal to the rescue of cultural heritage of the Armenian nation. Kobayr (in Քոբայր) - monastery, located near the town of Tumanyan, Lori Province, Armenia. It was founded in 1171, the daughter of the king of the kingdom Tashir-Dzoraget Kyurike II Mariam. After two centuries has undergone significant destruction during the earthquake. The ruins are known primarily for its unique murals - frescos, created under the influence of the Armenian, Georgian and Byzantine cultures. At the turn of the XII-XIII centuries the monastery was rebuilt Zakarian, and rebuilt in the Armenian-Chalcedonian church. Kobayr state famous monastery, situated in the north - Lori region of Armenia, perfectly reflects the attitude of the authorities led to the history of the country. First of all, to Kobayr impossible to reach in road transport. Moreover, it is impossible to find their own path to it ... Fortunately, the locals are always happy to serve as guides for tourists. Kobayr - one of the most fantastic places in Armenia. Even knowing in advance that in this temple are the oldest surviving murals in Armenia, with vzlyad they can not be kept emotions.

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