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Emerald with Calcite Muzo Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia

Beryl var. Emerald on Calcite - Coscuez Mine, near Muzo, Boyaca Dept., Colombia

Emerald with Calcite from Coscuez Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia

emerald cluster on calcite - coscuez mine, colombia

Emerald on Calcite - Coscuez Mine, Muzo, Boyacá Dept., Colombia

emerald crystals | Emerald crystal from Muzo, Colombia

Beryl var. Emerald from Muzo Mine, Muzo, Vasquez-Yacopí Mining District, Boyacá Department, Colombia

Calcite (nailhead stalactite) from Hilton Mine, Cumbria #minerals #rocks #crystal

Crystals & Stones: A 5-carat #Emerald, from Muzo.