Pinch those Pennies: 50 Tips to Be Frugal! - I read some, there are a LOT of good ideas!!

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12 Things Not to Spend Money On [pinning for the homemade gift bag tute and cleaner/detergent recipes]..great ideas except for the razor

Cut your spending by just $13 a day, and you'll save $400 a month! Great list of 98 ways to cut your spending! Updated for 2015 #frugal

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5 Things I'm Giving Up To Get Out of Debt! Everyone's sacrifices are different - what are yours? Some people never give up a thing.. Keep shopping and shopping and they get to 50 or 60 and still have huge mortgage and car payments! Forced to work paycheck to paycheck.. Till their 66! When all they had to do was be frugal - for a few years in their twenties or thirties.. payoff all debt, invest heavily then live a great life!!

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15 Ways I Paid Off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months- VERY impressive. She had great practical tips for anyone trying to save or pay off debt.

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how to live without paying for cable or dish, many great tips in this post! via @Ann Flanigan Flanigan Flanigan Flanigan Marie // white house black shutters

Beer sleeve. Lol. My Dad did this 30 years should

This website has tons of cheap stuff. This is only $1.89! Can we say stocking stuffers?


hem jeans and still keep original hem!! This works great!!! Plus, lots of other great redo sewing ideas with lots of pics.

For saving all your pennies in our adorable furry bank!

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