wooden beams

I like the loft idea-and imagine it as a book nook. Our ceiling are quite high in the main living area, and could accommodate a nice loft space that would also allow for cozy space underneath.

When you first see the Cob Cottage, you might think you are looking at some kind of giant mushroom growing in Wonderland.  But you are actually in the hills of British Columbia.

Cob Cottage- giant mushroom tiny house growing in Wonderland

like! like by Marjery

Lovely cobhouse on the Spanish Island Formentera.

Половая жизнь или зачем в спальне кровать. Часть первая - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

raised seating area with fire place. So laid back & tranquil. Seating area is so fab!

built in bed/2 storage containers with center common area w/woodstove+dining?

Mountain House by Atilier Bow-Wow Photo: Iwan Baan

Hábitat Se refiere a las condiciones de organización y acondicionamiento del espacio interior de un edificio.

lofted sleeping space over kitchen, block style stairs


Meet the Sol Duc Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects Interior of Tiny Modern Cabin with Loft View from Inside and the Elevated Steel Deck/Balcony Photos by Benjamin Benschneider This tiny modern cabin…


25 Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

Take a look at some of the patterns in the beautiful cob cottage kitchen by Cob Cottage Comapany, USA

Grått golv Image.7

Lovely stone wall in cob home. I like the fact this cob home isn't round

So many design options when working with straw-bale

So many design options when working with straw-bale - DIY hobbit house!

Black Forest passive solar house. Hallway is a sunroom/greenhouse!

Every room is a sun room. Earthship homes are made with tires packed with dirt. This allows the walls to heat/cool home without utilities. Also collects and filters rainwater. This home is completelt off the grid

Glas floor

This kitchen is so beautiful/charming/rustic.all the stone with the wood beam ceiling. A Private Residence By Interior Designer Tina Komninou In Hydra, Greece

Okay, This Is My Absolute Favorite Small House. I Know For A Fact That I Would Feel So Much At Home Here...Now This Is My Dream Home !!!!!!! I Just Can't Quit Looking At This......

29 Ultra Cozy Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

The Chic Technique: Elegant lofted bedroom suite - Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, Italy. This is a dream-come-true loft for a tiny home. And check out the gorgeous lighting, too!

Pretty interior of a cob home.

that's a cool cob fireplace!

cob fireplace I love cob fires, indoors, you could do a double sided one...

10 Heavenly Hobbit Holes We'd Like to Call Home

The Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse from Vetsch Architektur is a set of nine Hobbit-style houses built to augment rather than ruin the existing landscape.


David Coulson Design Studio, as well as many more awesome small home ideas.