Constellations... so cool! This will be a good thing to go along w/ Midge's telescope


Free constellation cards. Print, cut out and hole punch circles.

Make This Easy Constellation Flashlight For Kids

Constellations CC2

Cloud Type Identification. Atmospheric Education!



how fun is that?

miniature drudgery children's toys (eep!)

Make a fun constellation book!

operation (felt) Pascale De Groof via HS Pak onto For The Little Ones

star constellation lacing cards

Human Body Activities for Kids!

Starry day constellation craft and learning activity, including free printable constellation cards

How to make a 3D book or how does 3D work? Encourage children to write!

constellations for kids | Astronomy and telescope related books & products

How to grow a crystal RAINBOW- FUN Science!

rocket-ship cardboard fort

This is AWESOME! I want one of these! Man...I need to get busy!! The kiddos would LOVE this.

Solar System Accordion Book