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DIY - Felted mummy & skeleton ♥ Dolls (Source : DIY - Easy tutorial for making a shaped super hero mask from craft foam (Source :

Halloween Crafts: Felted Mummy Doll

Halloween Crafts Felted Mummy Doll - the link to the original Woman's Day post doesn't work, but the doll looks simple enough to make without it.

A Wonderful Thought | Clean out a pumpkin in 2 minutes! |

Clean out a pumpkin in 2 minutes

I want to share a tip we have been using for years on how to clean out a pumpkin in 2 minutes. Yes, 2 minutes! You don't even have to touch the slimy guts!


Watch Pumpkin Decorating Ideas in the Better Homes and Gardens Video painted and wrapped in sweaters

Handmade Felt Halloween Countdown Calendar PRE Order by felterrific, $60.00

Handmade Felt Halloween Countdown Calendar

Pumpkin Garland - Four irregular circles and ovals in decreasing sizes, layered and glued in the center. Sweet and easy! Needs to be done in felt so it'll last!

3-Step Halloween Decorations

Cut and glue a three-dimensional pumpkin garland. For each pumpkin, cut four irregular circles and ovals in gradually decreasing sizes. Layer the shapes and glue them in the center;

Part 2 of the instructions for pumpkin people.

Felt Pumpkin People, 2

Ultra-Creative Candy Centerpieces to Sweeten the Celebration | Martha Stewart

Ultra-Creative Candy Centerpieces to Sweeten the Celebration

PHOTO: JOHNNY MILLER of 50 > Candy Jar Treats A selection of sunny sweets is even more tempting when displayed in glass containers with cheerful labels. How to Make Candy Jar Treats

felt pumpkin

DIY Mini Felt Pumpkins

A plethora of mini pumpkins make the perfect fall decor or felt food. These pumpkins are deceptively easy with our mini felt pumpkin tutorial.

Papier-Mache Decorations: Glowing Skull | Step-by-Step | DIY Craft How To’s and Instructions| Martha Stewart

To create a scary skull, inflate a large balloon a day ahead of time or inflate and deflate it several times to make it malleable. Wrap masking tape around the balloon one-third of the way from the bottom to form the jawline. Then paper mache.

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10 No Carve Pumpkins For Little Kids Because They Shouldn't Use Knives

New craft idea for this year's Halloween pumpkin - Hello Kitty Pumpkin! need to do this with tegan this year! so cute!