Antique French Art Nouveau Wood Chair. The back of the chair is carved to look like three broad leaves. The seat has an organic shape.

Rob chair

A hand carved wood bath tub ❤❤

Just an imgur link, but I WANT this table for any future potential Lothlorien themed room. *ahem*


Magnificent art nouveau of the most beautiful chairs I have ever seen...

Art Nouveau and Art Deco, The Nortrica Bed

Hand made rocking chair, carved from one chunk of wood! AMAZING.

Hand Carved Rustic Doors, Hand painted Interior Doors, Unique Carved Exterior Doors

Art Nouveau Silk Lily Lamp by littlewingfaerieart on Etsy

Art Nouveau staircase. Wow!!

Art nouveau door handle

Chairs upon chairs. How cool is this?! The Inception Chair by RISD student Vivian Chiu is a series of ten interlocking chairs made of ash, meant to mimic the dream-within-a-dream concept from the 2010 film Inception.


chair seat

love this chair

The skill and effort invested in this cherry mirror frame reflect the life and work of Leonid Zakurdayev, the Moscow-born artist who meticulously carved it by hand.

THE chair....

Art Deco Chair