This is what I imagine Seth and Kendra's dad to look like.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffery Dean Morgan

Kate Winslet

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

photos of jeffrey dean morgan - He was in P.S.I Love You and he played Denney on Grey's Anatomy.

Jensen Ackles...yes

Supernatural Sam Winchester Cardboard Standup

Jensen Ackles.

jeffrey dean morgan

Jensen Ackles...

Oh Dean Winchester you sexy beast you! Damn your strategically placed pants... But still... So hot!!!

Scott Eastwood (dad is Clint Eastwood), I have never seen his son but there is no doubt who his father is by looking at him!

“The key to a successful marriage is accepting that you’re not going to change the other person. And the words, ‘Yes, dear. Whatever you want." -- Patrick Dempsey #love #relationshiptips

Supernatural Dean Winchester Cardboard Standup

Jeffrey Dean Morgan for People Magazine