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The Ear that is clear for all languages

Third Ear....dumb name but cool idea. if you were to travel to Greece but don't speak Greek this thing translatess. When someone speaks to you it automatically translates what they say to english. and vice versa

It's a monitor for you and baby. Easier way to see that baby is breathing and has a heartbeat. :D need this cause i still check to see if the dog is breathing in the middle of the night

Wear your music on the wrist with MP3 Player Creative

I want. (Saw another pin with this, but with no link - this one goes to site with info)

How cool is this upcoming hotel? "An Italian industrial designer has unveiled plans to make a floating, solar-powered yacht/hotel/submarine that can essentially be plopped down near existing water-front hotels or marinas...with two single and two double bedrooms, each with its own bath, the hotel -- or SFR as it's called -- can sleep six. The SFR comes equipped with a kitchen, dining area and a teak deck, not to mention the Jacuzzi."