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12 days of Christmas for your husband. This is adorable. I am SO doing this

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Present for boyfriend

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DIY: Easy + thoughtful gifts. Christmas

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Stocking stuffers:

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Second "Cotton" Anniversary gift idea: Pillow with a collage of ticket stubs printed on. SUPER easy and really cute!

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The 7 days before Christmas vacation were tough...the kids just wanted to be DONE! For those 7 days I made after school snacks like these. 7 different things that the kids thoroughly enjoyed!! (12-12)

The Dating Divasfrom The Dating Divas

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A meaningful (and inexpensive) holiday gift for your hubby

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Quirky stuff! This website is amazing, gifts for him and her.

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such a cute valentines day present for guys!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts for the hubby without breaking the bank

The Dating Divasfrom The Dating Divas

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This blog is SO cute as far as ideas for husbands, boyfriends, dads stuff- ideas for gifts, suprises, etc.

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i like this idea - But for my husband, for every year of marriage! :)

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Love, Actually: Lovopoly. Don't tell the boy, but I think I'm going to make him this for Christmas :)

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Initials on the Christmas presents! Way cuter than those sticker tags.

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Give Him 7 Days of Love. I’m totally doing this gift idea for my husband the next time I go out of town. He always appreciates my love notes, adding chocolate to them only makes it all better!

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Join us for 101 Days of Christmas at Life...Your Way. Tips, DIY projects, recipes, decor + more everyday until Christmas!

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Christmas Shopping All Year

Kind of nerdy...but I like it!

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Funny Reindeer Quotes


Diply Web.from Diply Web.

The Best Sentimental Gift: "Open When..." Letters

Feel Lonely

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The Best Sentimental Gift: "Open When..." Letters Awesome idea but would take awhile to put together