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'BASED ON THE BOOK'  - - is a compilation of over 1,450 books, novels, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures.- - (Mid-Continent Public Library) - - / / - - FROM BOOKS TO MOVIES - (Compiled by Arrowhead Library System and Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin) - http://als.lib.wi.us/bookmovies.html

Never Judge a Book by It's Movie - so many that I could apply this to . Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Lovely Bones come immediately to mind<<< Percy Jackson, the Maze Runner, Eragon!

I try to tell my momma and sister this..but they just don't understand.

My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt. Also, pinning in bed until my arms hurt.

Book victim

Books are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. I am a happy victim of books. I am a very happy victim of "books"!

There is nothing better than getting  lost in a world of fiction. It may be my favorite thing.

The Magic of Books…notice that these are all tv shows or movies, I kinda find it ironic and funny

ever wanted to do this? {raises hand} I feel they're every feeling,  including stupidity and embarrassment

Sometimes I want to slap the characters with their own book. Bella Swan is the first one on that list! and sometimes Edward but i love him far more than Bella! and Katniss as well a few times for some things!

betype: “Reading Frenzy by Mary Kate McDevitt ”

Not Tonight, I'm Reading print © Mary Kate McDEVITT Hand Lettering & Illustration via her site. Special print commission for Reading Frenzy's Relaunch Kickstarter project in Portland, Oregon.

Oh yes! I went into Powells bookstore in Oregon, and I almost cried... Mostly because I was practically broke.... But I was SOOO happy!

*Can't wait to stop in at my favorite bookshop today for Holiday shopping:)! 'Hello,Hello Books' in Rockland,Maine

fill your house with stacks of books all the crannies all the nooks

It’s a Sickness, really ?

I buy books like some women buy shoes.but I also buy shoes like some women buy shoes.

The love of reading.

Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~percy Jackson Harry potter THG the mortal instruments the infernal devices