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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

Lol ohhh some ppl should definitely be "someone else" bc being "themselves" is not a good look!! :)*

Yesterday I cleaned my house, which is dumb because we still live here.

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn. Good sign to have hanging around when you've got little kiddos. Bad attitude => bad day => bad month/ years ...

Tan Fat always looks better than Pale Fat! | Somewhat Topical Ecard |

Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.

You don't have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is.

The South- perfect explanation....but "ain't" is in my vocabulary.

Seriously!!!! And what was on the homework and classwork was like what is the capital of the United States? Like really, teachers where do you get these test questions from?

And in the midwest, it means getting pulled behind a speedboat on a tube at breakneck speeds.