Dónde cortar rosas para ayudarles a crecer espeso y la flor más ... después de la floración de corte justo por encima de un ojo (que se muestra en la foto) a principios de primavera se corta las rosas hasta el fondo ... justo por encima del suelo en el tercer ojo ....

Settlers used this method to keep their cutting alive until they arrived to their destination. (Pencil size stems are best.) This demonstration uses roses that were given to her. "You can keep on enjoying them, by cutting the stem, inserting them in a potato and planting them!" Be sure to chose varieties that will grow well where you live from non-patented plants.

You stick a rose stem in a potato and plant it. Two months later, you have a rose bush...

How to Make Rabbit Repellent - You can make your own rabbit repellent with ingredients from your pantry. A frugal alternative to store bought rabbit repellents.

Creative re-use idea: Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant. Utilisation d'une bouteille plastique pour arrosage intelligent et economique

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