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How to draw an eye. This is probably the best way to explain it to a newbie but I still think I won't be able to draw it well. The thing is this is how to draw a BIG eye what about the little eyes on characters or something.

How to Draw an Eye

How to Draw an Eye

Last week was drawing week, case in point because I posted about drawing a nose. Well, I said I’d work on more of these little instructions because who doesn’t have enough how-tos.

how to draw eyes.

Posted as "How to draw eyes". This is sad because it is a bad example of an eye. I can see 5 major mistakes immediately, so let us discuss in class what is so immensely wrong about it, if you do not already have learned it.

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Drawing-Noses - It would be nice to collect a variety of drawing tip sheets for lips/noses/eyes to show that there are many different ways to do it 'right' when drawing portraits (or anything, for that matter.

Awesome instagraphic on how to draw eyes by Ms. Kat Mcbride

Realistic Eye - How to draw eyes infographic --Picture tutorial breaks everything down into smaller steps.

How to Paint Realistic Eyes Tutorial by feavre.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I've had a lot of requests for a tutorial/steps for how I paint. This picture wasn't done with a reference, so a referenced eye would be even more photo. How to Paint Realistic Eyes Tutorial

How to draw a face                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Draw a Face

Delineate Your Lips - how to draw a face by roslyn - How to draw lips correctly? The first thing to keep in mind is the shape of your lips: if they are thin or thick and if you have the M (or heart) pronounced or barely suggested.

How to draw hair

Tutorial: How to draw hair by `Cataclysm-X on deviantART Hair tutorial for traditional artists

How to draw an eye step by step

How to draw eyes. As an artist I have always found the eyes difficult to draw, now you can learn step by step!