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this might be the best quote ever.


Won't you lend a hand?

Lupita Nyong'o - my new inspiration

This is so true!

Audrey Hepburn & UNICEF

The trouble is, you think you have time. - Buddha quote We all have up until a moment, no?

Just amazing

"Happy Girls are the prettiest" (Audrey Hepburn) 10 easy ways to be happy! Eat an apple every day as 10 o'clock snack!

Vincent Mentzel Audrey Hepburn 1988

Audrey Hepburn.

kind of woman

Yes. Too many people - especially girls - are hardening themselves. They think that being tough and unfeeling equals strength. To me, true strength means not letting other people change who you are. If you are kind, sensitive, compassionate, and feeling, be strong enough and esteem yourself enough that you will never let those virtues go, no matter what the world tries to tell you or do to you.


We should all have this outlook in life.

Harry Potter Quotes- a beautiful quote

help one person at a time

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There really is no point