For real.......

Funny Workplace Ecard: Teaching: the only profession where you simultaneously HATE your job and absolutely positively LOVE what you do.

This is very true!!


Love the t-shirts on this site!

:) AMEN!

Do you have a problem with students constantly raising their hands when you are giving instruction? Read Solving the Hand Raising Problem to find 15 terrific tips and ideas! This post is the first in a new series on Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections blog called Advice from Real Teachers.




YEAH!!! What she said! :)

Too true.


Waiting for this to happen @Chelsey Reher @Itiel Sarmiento @Olga Rodriguez

Yes, yes they do.

so true

Just laughed like crazy at this...Oh. You think kids should be subjected to days of standardized testing to evaluate teachers? Lets give tests to your employees to evaluate you. #standardizedtesting #teachers #teaching

hehe cause it's true