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Uprooting Garden Pests

Plants that Naturally Repel Pests

9 Fastest growing trees: 1 Empress Tree. It grows 10-15 feet per year. 2 Willow Tree: 6-12 fpy. 3 Lombardy Poplar. Grows 8-10 fpy. 4 Eucalyptus tree grows 6-8 fpy 5 American Sycamore grows 6 fpy. 6 Quaking Aspen grow about 5 fpy. 7 Muskogee Crape Myrtle grows 4-5 fpy. 8. October Maple grows 3-5 feet per year. 9. Autumn Purple Ash grows 3-5 feet p y.

Summer project: A beautiful way to display your garden and plants in the backyard!

List of plants used in California drought tolerant yard :: native plants really save. low water use plants in the garden. Some cities are offering rebates to remove lawns. Article listing what was done, and plants used. PT 2 photos

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Grow Little Fruit Trees for Big Rewards

See our ingenious pruning method for growing an orchard in a small backyard. Shown: Kept small with timed pruning, this 'Fuji' apple tree stands about 4 feet high and wide and produces an ample crop of full-size fruits.

diy landscaping on a budget | How to Landscape on a Budget? - 7 Easy Landscaping Tips

15 Eye-Popping Purple Plants -->

I would love assistance in beautifying the flower beds in my front yard -- something simple and low-cost since it is a rental house. Any ideas would help!

Common name: Purple smoketree ‘Royal Purple’ * What it is: A small tree or large shrub with rich, deep-burgundy, oval leaves and airy, pinkish flower clusters in summer that look like puffs of pink smoke. Leaves turn scarlet in fall.

Uncinia Rubra - Firedance Ornamental Grass - front porch landscaping Love the color! I'm now on a mission to add this in my garden next to the Karl Forester.