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    tim riggins clear eyes full heart can't lose

    Clear eyes full hearts can't lose

    Friday Night Lights

    tim riggins

    just can't get this show out of my head. clear eyes full hearts can't lose.

    tim riggins ♥

    oooh tim riggins.

    friday night lights TIM RIGGINS

    Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights:) yummy!

    Tim Riggins in GQ Magazine! OMG Love Friday NIght Lights

    Tim Riggins 4ever. ♥

    Tim Riggins! Friday Night Lights

    taylor kitsch as tim riggins. the best part about 'friday night lights'

    Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity

    always down for some timmy riggins ;)

    Dude. Taylor Kitsch signs his name with "No Regrets!" So he's basically become Tim Riggins, right?

    Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins real life reunion :-)

    Friday Night Lights is the best, baby.

    friday night lights Melissa Squires McKenzie Halpin

    This makes my heart happy - From Friday Night Lights

    Still of Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch in Friday Night Lights (2006)