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Beauty School: How to Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

tutorial on how to get perfectly shaped eyebrows. I have plucked their eyebrows too far apart!

Anatomy of the Eye Makeup Version. 1) LIGHTEST SHADE - Apply as a base on the entire eyelid including the brow bone but avoid going all the way to the eyebrow. 2) MEDIUM SHADE - Sweep over the middle of the eyelid and blur it toward the outer edge of the eye. 3) DARKEST SHADE - Apply along the base of the lashes with a beveled precision applicator. 4) HIGHLIGHTER / ILLUMINATOR SHADE - Apply to the inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrow for a finishing touch.

Highlighting the corners and above the brow bone one of my favorite makeup trends. It's also a great way to hide tired eyes! #makeup #wingedtip

14 Tips, Tricks, And Hacks For Flawless Eyebrows - Who knew?


How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker With Makeup - A Step By Step Tutorial

Tutorial: How Teo Make Your Eyebrows Thicker With Makeup?

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Creating the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Creating the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for your Face:: I've never personally done this but it looks pretty helpful for people who want a certain shape brow..


Which Eyebrow Shapes Suit Your Face Shape?

Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shapes

.Gorgeous natural look with killer lashes More at:

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you got a face shape, they have got information to shape your brows, might just be helpful. might!

Urban decay NAKED 2 palette. 1. Prime lid with primer potion. Cover lid with Bootycall. 2. Blend Chopper through crease. 3. Foxy on brow bone. 4. Line middle lash & outer with Blackout & smudge into lower lash line. 5. Highlight inner top lid & lower lash line with Verve. 6. Finish with mascara.