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  • Martha Dent

    fruit fly trap (and other pest control ideas)

  • Jenna Rice

    Fruit Fly & Ant Trap Ideas. We have been attacked by an abundance of fruit flies lately in my kitchen. AHH! Here is our simple, frugal, and effective solution! Fruit Fly Trap 1 quart jar 1 piece of paper, rolled up into a funnel tape apple cider vinegar small slice of banana Fill a quart jar with a 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar and a small piece of banana. Roll up your paper into a funnel shape (lar

  • Kelley O'Brien

    fruit fly catcher. I've done this before with just a glass of apple cider vinegar. I like this funnel idea.

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fruit fly trap....put a piece of fruit into a jar, insert a funnel (paper wrapped into a funnel with a small tip opening) into the jar, tape open edges so no flies can escape.

Cut top 1/3 of plastic pop bottle. Add 1" of warmed balsamic vinegar or wine & small piece of over ripe banana or pineapple & a squirt of dish soap to bottom of bottle, and invert the cut off piece to create a funnel, be sure it's not touching the fruit. Reheat in microwave as needed, discard & replace every 2 days.

Want to get rid of pesky fruit flies? Put about 3/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar into a small bowl. Add a few drops of dish soap. Find a spot near where the flies are swarming to set the bowl and leave overnight.

How to lure in fruit flies for the kill using apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and a light. Those things are impossible to get rid of. I definitely need to remember this next time they come into my house.

Put an end to most ant problems with inexpensive products from the home center or hardware store, and save the expense of hiring an exterminator.

Get rid of ants. The other pinner says: 'Ants don’t have lungs& they never sleep. Worker ants may live seven years and the queen may live as long as 15 years. Australian & African termites can build mounds twenty feet high and at least 100 feet wide.'

How to get rid of fruit flies using 3 common household items! #nontoxic #frugal. Fill the jar about 1/4 full with the vinegar and then add 2-3 drops of the dish soap. Leave this sitting on the kitchen counter overnight and when you wake up in the morning you will see it chock full of those pesky little buggers.

Ants have invaded my compost bins! Posting this for my own use and for anyone else having a similar problem...

If you're like me, bugs creeping and crawling all over your home is a big no thank you. With some preventative procedures and DIY methods you can keep them out of your house without using any harsh chemicals.