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  • Elisa Hidalgo

    The ones I prefer over the other in order: Zooey Deschanel, neither, Paz Vega, Natalie Portman, Armand Hofmeyer all the way, Neil Patrick Harris, Daniel Radcliffe, Janice from Friends, the Alpaca, the Dog, Granny Baboon, Clark Kent, the Pastry ((I'm really hungry right about now)) and Sarah Jessica Parker. I speak da troof.

  • Sonty V.

    jacob black vs alpaca made me laugh so hard

  • Brian Livermore

    Celebrity look alikes Taylor lautner looking like an alpaca slays me everytime...the pastry makes me laugh too.

  • Jennifer Jonczak

    I'm only repinning this because I was a complete mirror image when I reached the bottom of this. Exactly! It's so funny!

  • Allyn-Kate Reidello

    Jacob Black and the Alpaca! So funny!

  • Jody Browne

    Famous look alikes that are SO on point. Especially Taylor Lautner and Sarah Jessica Parker's

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