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Obese American - hates obamacare gets "disability" Pay

So THIS is where the obese Americans will become useful!


I hate all the garters people put on poor on baby girls heads


Grumpy Cat hates you all.

Lord, it is not ethical to make fun of obese people but this is too funny. lol

Teacher wears same outfit for 40 years.


It could be that the water in the bottle was frozen and as it melted,the water was drained, leaving the ice rod in the center of the bottle.

Omg I'm going to use that the Next time someone asks me where are you from and they don't like the answer, from CA

Sam and his shoes. His mom is fantastic. Hate is taught.


Too true

A Nerd’s Epic Win:: not that any of us are either of these two people ... and face it, we'd happily accept the lifestyle of either one of them.

Midget obese giraffe. Idk why, this just makes me laugh with happiness! I <3 it so much!

He's Not Very Popular At Work

And the person who has never seen a tan line before: | 28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

When rappers don't know what the hell they're taking about... -- I LITERALLY CAN'T STAND RAP, BUT THIS IS SO FUNNY!

Realistic Barbie...