Anatomy of a 1880s reproduction bodice with layered Vest

Nicegirl's brilliant All-Machine Clean-Finish Sleeveless Bodice Lining Tutorial

Tutorial for making gloves

Up-Cycled Hobbit Vest Tutorial by on @deviantART - Making a quick vest from a button-down shirt

Free Hoop Petticoat Skirt Pattern

The Victorian Pardessus, pattern, Godey's Ladies Book, Feb 1859

1905 Circular Skirt. I love this one, looks wonderful and a quick project (ignore confusing placket instructions)

victorian bustle | Truly Victorian :: Late Bustle Patterns 1883-1889 :: 1883 Tail Bodice

reproduction of 1887 dress

Laughing Moon #112 Victorian Hoops & Bustles Pattern – Old Petticoat Shop

Edwardian Underwear


How to make a Victorian flounced Petticoat In this article we willcover the construction of a typical late Victorian petticoat with back flounces. We will also discuss the steampunk version of the traditional petticoat – and how to get 3 styles out of one skirt in seconds!

Bastardization of the 1890s corset pattern from Corsets & Crinoline with some fake 'history' and provenance. The commentary is rubbish, but the patterns still good. From here: Note that ALL the commentary on the website is of dubious accuracy.

free 1911 corset pattern and tutorials. This even explains how to make the garters too.

Very cute ides.

A goal to reach for my steampunk character: Cera Bennett-Copperfield when shes about town or spying on the elite. | Raddest Women's Fashion Looks On The Internet:

Victorian Gothic Purple Gown by BlackMart; Costume designer: Katherine Baumgertner; Photographer: XZest; Model: Maria Slobodchikova


So cool! I wish I could be in historical movies just to wear these frocks!

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: "How Wide Should Your 18th Century Panniers Be? | Interesting article with a guide to pannier proportions"