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Perspective: Simplicity = Abundance...

It's in the way you talk and move and sing and when I walked by today you were rocking out in your car. That's great to me and I hope you might one day think the same. Keep smiling singing changing seeking HIS face and widely dancing in your car with your friends. That's crazy beautiful.

because it's my birthday today and nobody else is going to tell me nice things about myself #turning24 #happybirthdaytome #stilldontfeellikeanadult

Dancing with the rain Which one of you bitches is buying this for me? @Britney Bryan @Alex Leavitt @Andrea Vogt @Megan Wright @Kaylee Eslick @Allison Holt

I choose this movie to be in my top five movies I'd like to see because i really enjoy musicals and for the trailer it looks like a funny movie. also Tori Kelly is one of my favorite singers

"Well now this could be the last of all the rides we take. So hold on tight and don't look back." The Kids from Yesterday by My Chemical Romance Party Poison and The Girl

Look alive sunshine.... 109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit, you're here with me, Dr. Death Defying, I'll be your surgeon, your Procter, your helicopter, pumping out the slaughtomatic sounds to keep you alive, a system failure for the masses. Antimatter for the master plan! Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny! This one's for all you rock and rollers, you crash queens and motor babies,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA ... YOU DON'T LOOK A DAY OVER 237!!! Let's sing, dance, and CELEBRATE freedom with GEISHA-MANIA!™, the perfect summer song to get toes tappin' and booties shakin'! Please show me some love by WATCHING, LIKING & SHARING WITH FRIENDS! xoxo

"INTO THE WOODS"--A FABULOUS MUSICAL by one of my FAVE COMPOSERS--Mr. Stephen Sondheim!!! I would LOVE to be in this MUSICAL--in any CAPACITY--Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Perhaps ONE DAY SOON--I will be going INTO THE WOODS....:O) :O) :O)