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sea lions (photograph by michael patrick o'neill)

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - Rare and endangered Australian Sea Lions (Neophoca cinerea) swim and play on the shallows of Hopkins Island, South Australia (Michael Patrick O'Neill)

Sea Lion Pup - Galapagos Islands   I would love it and squeeze it and call it george : ) - (Harvey)

Save Baby Seals

sea lions

Sea Lions

The California Sea Lion. Commonly called a Seal, but actually very different. Sea Lions, have ear flaps, bark, and walk and swim with their front flippers.

Wow, Love Them except Miami Dolphins lol

♂ Dolphins jumping sunrise sunset ~ By Roberth jump over the sunset

"Oh, it's awesome, Jellyman. The little dudes are just eggs, we leave 'em on a beach to hatch, and then, coo-coo-cachoo, they find their way back to the big ol' blue." ~ Crush

Baby Green Sea Turtle in French Polynesia David Doubilet’s photo of a baby sea turtle paddling toward the open sea off the Nengonengo Atoll in French Polynesia is cute.

Interesting facts about sea lions

Life span for sea lions in zoological environment years and years in the wild. At adulthood male sea lions will reach weights between

Baby sea lions trying to get a turtle to play with them. Awwww.

From baby sea lions to sea otter pups, celebrate National Puppy Day by looking at these adorable wildlife puppies!

galapagos islands | Galapagos Islands Ecuador

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Beluga albina en Alaska

Beluga Whales (or White Whales), Anchorage, Alaska’s Cook Inlet *Baby beluga, baby beluga*

Making Bubbles, beautiful photo

Making bubbles – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World