Chocolate Peppermint Cake.  Yum!

Last weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday with my husband's family. And a fabulous woman deserves a fabulous cake.

choc. peppermint pudding poke cake!

This decadent cake is inspired by my Better than Sex Cake recipe and my love of peppermint. This chocolate lovers cake is delectable!

Retro classic. Chocolate peppermint icebox cake.

Recently, I've become enchanted with everything So it's no surprise I'd want to try making an icebox cake. I just find the term "ice.

Peppermint Patty Brownies | "Excellent - followed the receipe exactly and the result was delicious! Made one batch with York peppermint patties, and one with Reese peanut butter cups(my husband doesn't like chocolate mint!) - both were yummy!" -Cindy

Peppermint Patty Brownies Recipe Use brownie mix as directed. Reserve 2 cups of batter, set aside. Spread remaining batter in prepared pan. Arrange 24 small peppermint patties in a single layer over batter about inch apart.

Chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake from Jenny at Planner Perfect Meals.  Yum.

Chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake from Jenny at Planner Perfect Meals.

Soap Mom's Kitchen: Holiday Peppermint Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Holiday Peppermint Chocolate Chiffon Cake--uh-oh Kate, is this the one you want for Christmas?

Bakery Big Up - Baked NYC - Some Serious Inspiration

Bakery Love - Baked NYC

Wintermint cake from Baked, in Red Hook BK: Chocolate cake, peppermint chocolate ganache, peppermint vanilla buttercream.


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Chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake

I must confess that we didn't even wait until after Thanksgiving was over before we opened the first box of candy canes. It is a little embarrassing.

Flourless Paleo Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Peppermint Ganache

A heavenly flourless, paleo, gluten free chocolate cake with peppermint ganache from the author of "Paleo Indulgences", Tammy Credicott.