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    Aquamarine on Muscovite - Nagar, Hunza Valley, Gilgit District, Northern Areas, Pakistan

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    • Everything Needed

      Rare rock collecting is definitely not for the novice, unless you simply want to buy rare rocks. If you plan to select rare rocks on your own, expect adventure and lots of travel. Rare rocks can include such things as precious gemstones, ancient fossils or pieces of outer space thrust at the Earth's surface. But here, we have rare rocks, trees and more! Click picture to see ebook.

    • Colleen Rocap

      Aquamarine on Muscovite - Nagar, Hunza Valley, Gilgit District, Northern Areas, Pakistan. i love rocks and crystalsssss

    • Saige Scrooby

      Aquamarine on Muscovite I used to be obsessed with rocks and minerals

    • Halcyon Art Studio

      Pure aquamarine crystal. --fOmNx.jpg 2912×3988 pixels

    • Soula

      AQUAMARINE Aquamarine on Muscovite - Pakistan

    • Caetano Julio Neto

      Aquamarine crystal with embedded muscovite.

    • Audrey Parker

      Aquamarine on Muscovite dwarfs mines

    • Jon Dawson

      #mineral - Aquamarine on Muscovite

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    Beautiful Malachite. Like green marble. The detailed info. is below. When I first went to The Gemological Institute of America & we were doing gem identification, one of the first things that we were told is Never do a sight identification (deciding what something is without testing) unless it is malachite. For some reason every time I see malachite I remember this.

    Aquamarine on Schorl


    ♥ aquamarine! :) Some metaphysical properties of Aquamarine are: Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It can invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Useful for closure on all levels.


    Selenite is one of the few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. It greatly magnifies the energy of any other gemstone that is placed upon it. #selenite #crystals #healing

    Aquamarine: This stone has the calming, soothing energy of the sea. This is the stone of courage. Tranquilizing, uplifting, openness, innocence, lightheartedness, creativity, communication, self-awareness, confidence, purpose. Throat, Spleen, Heart Chakra. Used for protection on journeys, especially those who travel on water. Affects etheric and mental levels. Helps stabilize and harmonize unsettled surroundings. Helps reduce fears.

    Aquamarine on Feldspar from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia.

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    aquamarine with muscovite

    Aquamarine: calms the mind and opens up channels to spirit, intuition, and clairvoyance; is a calming stone that promotes clarity in thought | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #aquamarine

    Green Sphalerite - Balmat-Edwards Zinc District, St Lawrence County, New York.

    Vesuvianite var. Manganoan

    + Liddicoatite

    Ruby: the “energy stone” because it fuels life vigor, restores passion, stimulates motivation, and aligns one with the authentic self while gently encouraging one to follow his/her bliss; promotes clear visualization. #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magicstones #stones #crystals #gems #ruby

    Aquamarine...Folklore says the aquamarine will protect against gossip. It is also said the aquamarine will pick up spirits. It is an excellent stone to use for meditating. Aquamarine is most powerful as a meditation stone, as it brings a great peace and serenity. Some people can meditate on an Aquamarine to receive the wisdom to see truth, but this is a very advanced meditation.

    reddish-pink apatite and aquamarine on muscovite