Tuesday Teaching Tips: Elements Of A Story. This video teaches the elements of a story through a song. The elements include: plot, character, conflict, theme and setting.

love this song! - Setting, Characters, Plot, Solution

Punctuation - Great videos! LL Cool J's 'Punctuation Rap' made me smile :) My kids would love this!!!

A short video on Idioms that is great for upper grades. The definitely keep you guessing! Hilarious!!

That's What Makes an Idiom! video, set to One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful"

New Theme Song for Classroom - Wonder if I can get my 5th graders into this song??

GREAT video on root words, prefixes, and suffixes! Fantastic! It's done like a rap, so it really grabs kids' attention!

Author's Purpose: Persuade, Inform, Entertain, Explain, or Describe {NINE different videos compiled into one activity!}

Love this! So many ideas for the classroom...sequencing, cause/effect, change in characters feelings, plot, the ideas are endless

Storymatic Kids – Gazillions of Stories – Play Games, Make Art, and More – On two Forbes top-ten lists: “How to Talk to People: The Top 10 Toys that Help” and “How to Be an Engaging Storyteller: Top Ten Tools for Kids”

They are perfect for teaching different comprehension skills and strategies. I did an activity using the spy and the pigeon last year that worked fabulously for teaching inferring and this one looks great as well. You can watch it here.

how to make spelling fun (great tips)

story wands. the kids love to get a chance to explain each story element.

Close Reading - What's It All About? {FREE resources and ideas to get you started!}

Parts of Speech Resources

Writing On Demand fun prompts

30 fun writing prompts for kids

Prepositions song by the bazillions - very, very catchy. Kids love it.

Finding the area of your name.

Parts of Plant -Full Lesson -kids -www.makemegenius.com