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Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Creating a bee-friendly garden means more than just planting flowers. You certainly want to attract them with gorgeous blooms, but while they are in your garden you will want to give them a place to drink: a bee bath. #ad #bee #garden


13 Weird Plants You Didn’t Know You Needed

Trachyandra: These guys are unique, snake-like plants that will bring out your inner-Medusa. Seriously, those curls are enough to give anyone hair envy. (via Plant Propaganda)


MYO Self Watering Planters

DIY Self Watering Planters- In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share this simple do it yourself, homemade self-watering seedling and herb planter idea. This is an easy way to recycle plastic water and soda bottles. (Click on photo for tutorial)

"EarthTainer" Self-Watering Design: "The InnTainer which is based on an 18 gallon tote incorporates a self-contained 3 gallon water reservoir. Users can now go for weeks between watering intervals, for unattended operation."

Instead of putting rocks in the bottom of big porch planters, she fill the bottom with sealed empty plastic 20 ounce bottles! They give the pot the drainage it needs, without adding all that extra weight!

Drip irrigation with water bottles for raised bed gardening or small plant areas. Will have to give this a try this year!

If I ever have a pond with fish again I want to try it. It would probably drive my cats crazy though LOL (Use a heavy glass vase and invert it on some concrete blocks so they can swim in from the bottom. Submerge the vase and turn it up under water so the vacuum created keeps the water inside. Make sure you have a heavy glass container or the weight of the water will shatter it.)

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How To Clone Your Herbs — Guest Post from Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl

Plants such as basil, mint, and oregano are incredibly easy to reproduce from cuttings — and a heck of a lot faster than growing from seed.

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Why Didn't I Think of That? Wednesday

self-watering pots for starting seeds, tutorial

Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before adding soil, to keep water in reserve.