Planter using 5 gal water jugs

a mother-load of SWC (self-watering container) how-tos

A “How-To” Guide for Watering Plants in a Greenhouse | High Mowing Organic Seeds' Blog – The Seed Hopper

Do you know which vegetables grow best together? Here are 5 companion planting charts to help you plant your garden, and keep those veggies happy. #gardenchat #gardening

soda bottle drip feeder

Hydrangeas in Container

Easy watering for container plants

Planter DIY Water Resevoir

Self Watering Container. I'm going to use this system but in my upside down planters. ( 2 liter in a 5 gallon paint bucket)

OHHHHH! Thats how they do it! GREAT directions for making your own hanging planter.

Do this in the fall. Spring bulbs in Pots: store the potted bulbs in an unheated garage or storage room. Youll need to water every few weeks since the pots wont have access to rainfall. In addition to small pots, pack bulbs shoulder-to-shoulder in big containers for an abundant display in spring. Toss aside the spacing recommendations so you can get as many bulbs into the container as possible. This is a great idea.

Wine bottle waterer. Im pretty sure I can round up some empty wine bottles for this project ;)

reusing milk/water jugs

Use bottled five gallons of water and cultivate what you want-25 DIY Ideas to Recycle Your Potential Garbage

Self-contained, self-watering garden containers

Amazing Spring Containers

How to build a self watering planter for about 5 dollars, from a 5 gallon food grade bucket. I like this idea a lot! I think I would paint the outside of the bucket to add a splash of color.

self-watering seed starter pots.

Container gardening using DIY self-watering pots

Ten Bulbs to Plant in the Spring for Summer Garden Color {Container Bulb Choices} - bystephanielynn