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    1 gal per person. Sure you getto buy water in those disposable jugs, and those work too, but a coleman's wide mouth will allow you to use it as waterproof storage for your electronics if you need to cross a river. would also be faster scooping the water out if you were in a little rowboat and the sea was seeping in. the added weight of the jug and the sturdy handle also makes it usable for hitting monkeys in the head if they try to steal from your food stash.

    Make your fridge happy! Use "grippy" shelf liners to keep milk jugs, bottles and jars from sliding around. When you clean your fridge take them out, soak in hot water and a few drops of vinegar, wring them out and lay flat to dry. You and your fridge will be happier for it! p.s. I always rinse/dry my gallons of milk before placing in the fridge. It washes off any residue that makes a fridge smell.

    Camelbak Insulated eddy. I watch people at the gym carry around gallon milk cartons of Water and hardly drink them. I have my camelbak full of ice and fill it up up to 5 times while at the gym, I always have a cold drink and I drink way more water then the peeps with the gallon jugs because of the awesome bite valve!

    "bobble jug is a beautifully designed, highly functional everyday household product. It is a faster, smarter, sleeker reimagining of the squat, slow-filtering water jugs that have hogged space in refrigerators for generations. bobble jug is also unexpectedly slim." $29.99

    PERFECT to serve water to your wedding guests...great for outdoor weddings in the heat. Just mix ice, jugs of water & sliced fruit & serve in little plastic cups...don't forget a trash can!!

    Village women carrying water jugs. (Photo shot on assignment for, but not published in, "The Elusive Quetzal", June 1998, National Geographic magazine) Photograph by Steve Winter

    water jug made into a birdhouse!!! I have over 20 jugs saved for recycling. These will be great to sell in garage sale!

    Inspired by the terracotta jugs used in Haiti to keep water cool, this tall papier-mache vessel is patched from recycled cement bags and cardboard.

    nice looking jug with relief decoration wiped away. Assume it's water etching of some sort. @Michael Mahan, #pottery, #jugs, #decoration, #greenware

    Happy World Water Day!! We celebrated with filling up our #Chillers, jugs, barware, water bottles, etc and stayed hydrated with this beautiful 80˚ #weather!!

    Now THIS I want to do !!!! ( so many water and milk jugs from "Irene" left in my house)

    milk gallon/water jugs painted to look like ghosts with little white lights inside of them..genius!

    I need these vessels, lots and lots of different pitchers and water jugs and tea pots and crocks

    Pompeii - these are the large water jugs on display & we learned how they would carry them (by poles). (photo by Peggy Mooney)

    Hand-Painted floral jugs - perfect as a water pitcher or makes a super cute flower vase.

    Lsnterns made from glass water jugs at Camelot Cellars... Great for patio gazebo!!'

    love the idea of water jugs as utensil caddies (minus the pine cones)

    Sprout - this fun invention provides a use for old plastic water jugs. - Dustbowl, Altitude inc.

    old water and milk jugs... I made this for my class.

    Large Britannia Silver Water Jugs · 25 x 12 cm · by Sidsel Dorph-Jensen

    Burlap table runner. Glass milk jugs as water pitchers with lemon and lime!

    pit stop --- drinks put into large water jugs ("fuel containers") with funnels and tubing

    Women carrying water jugs near Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Copyright: Peter Adams/ Corbis.

    using milk jugs to support tubing and funnels in water table

    A set of traditional water jugs at a rest stop between Khartoum and Karima, Sudan.