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Spiral Cuff - stainless steel bracelet, cellular organic intricate 3d-printed jewelry

A striking cellular cuff inspired by microscopic cellular structures and created using computer simulation and bracelet is size LARGEalso available in size MEDIUMThe C-shape

Prefer it as a ring, I like the idea of having multiple layers. Something simple yet intricate.

Exo Bangle sz M

Check out Exo Bangle sz M by nervoussystem on Shapeways and discover more printed products in Bracelets.

This company uses algorithms to generate patterns that imitate natural patterns, like the way algae grows or the stripes on a zebras, and they use them to create jewelry and housewares. Everything on their website is amazing: n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com

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Spiral Cuff - 3dprinted stainless steel jewelry, by Nervous System

Spiral Cuff - stainless steel jewelry, by Nervous System

3-d printing, hell yeah  Cosma Silver Bangle by kevinweinewyork

Cosma Silver Bangle

printing, hell yeah Cosma Silver Bangle by kevinweinewyork

Gorgeous, nervoussystem @ etsy.com

Porous Bracelet (3D printed nylon)

Bone Cuff sz S/M by nervoussystem

TheCarrotbox.com modern jewellery blog : obsessed with rings // feed your fingers!: Lotocoho / Monaka / Gittee Soee

Mountains and mathematics: rings inspired by the heights of the Pyrenees and the calculations of Georgy Voronoi, by Spain's Lotocoho (Anna Tomich & Jorge López Conde).

Wing.  #black #ring #delicate

1 layer twist ring black printed nylon plastic by nervoussystem Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Armadillo ring 3D printed in stainless steel free shipping via Etsy

Armadillo ring printed in stainless steel free by uptomuch

uptomuch - "Bud with Guards - set of 3d printed rings in stainless steel"

Bifurcated Bud with guard rings Sandy Noble

turquoise 3d-printed jewelry by Nervous System

Printed Cell Cycle collection in turquoise, from Nervous System.

Radiolaria bracelet - waterjet cut black silicone rubber by Nervous System $55

Radiolaria bracelet (black) from nervoussystem - beautiful

Like 3D printed #jewelry? Morpheus custom makes  jewelry from images using 3d printing technology http://www.morphe.us.com/

2-layer center ring (3D printed stainless steel)

center ring - stainless steel by nervous system

3D printed in wax and then Lost Wax Cast.....

Nervous System ring in gold plated brass from Shapeways.

Kevin Wei's 3D printed silver jewelry.Join the 3D Printing Conversation: http://www.fuelyourproductdesign.com/

Printing Turns Jewelry into 'Wearable Art' - Architizer

Jessica Rosenkrantz e Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

More than a cuff

Nervous System - Rhizome Cuff White now featured on Fab.