Rammed earth home; foundation/basement walls are concrete; outer walls are 63cm high Pise walls, on-site material mixed with crushed brick; no surfaces were plastered.Martin Rauch; www.lehmtonerde.at

Rammed Earth homes. Intriguing building method.

Rammed-Earth Walls | Loam Clay Earth, Martin Rauch, Vorarlberg

Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth Printing Plant Gugler in Pielach, Austria by Martin Rauch + Arch. Herbert Ablinger, Vedral & Partner

another beautiful rammed earth wall

Iagram.com, rammed earth homes/building

This vacation home blends into Arizona’s Sonoran Desert with rammed earth walls made from local soil.

Children's library in Africa with rammed earth walls by BC Architects

beautiful rammed earth wall @ Chemainus Greenhouse on Vancouver Island, BC

I love this rammed earth wall. What a texture

rammed earth construction techniques | Rammed Earth House Interior

Rammed earth walls will be used for our exterior walls. I still insist on using cob inside. So we compromised =)

Beautiful example of rammed earth. Also see banded plaster rammed earth veneers pigment color these stripes before plastering in bold earth tones colors

I just love the lines in the walls of this rammed earth home. The walls look like polished marble or granite.

A Sustainable Rammed Earth Home in New Mexico | Dwell

rammed earth walls

Carlos Mijares Bracho. The Christ Church, in Lomas de Chapultepec México, is one of the emblematic works of Mijares in exposed brick

Window made from stump, embedded in a rammed earth wall

Rammed earth fireplace

Rammed Earth Homes - Building Construction and Energy Savings