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Impressions: "Snowman Kisses" He’s cute, Cuddly, & full of good wishes. He wants to give you These snowman kisses!

"Snowman Kisses"--teacher's gifts, party favors, winter wedding thank you favors?

this would be cute to have by the door, as guests leave your holiday party they take a favor home. I wld put year on the back

This looks super easy and can be applied to any holiday!!! I will do it for the scouts, I will do it for xmas, valentines day, easter and just for fun!!!

SOOOO doing this with the kids as soon as this semester is over. DIY Sock Snowman

Snowmen Bowls! dip water balloons (-water) in candy melts and place in freezer. once set pop balloons and your left with cute, edible bowls

Snowman Kisses - White Tic Tacs "He's cute, cuddly, and full of good wishes. He wants to give you these snowman kisses!"

Make this (see tic tac instructions) delete the snowman part and use scrape book paper...can add a message or scripture inside

snowman bulb! Just another cool used light bulb idea

SNOWMAN KISSES: this would be cute to give everyone as a gift from Brai since she's still little :)