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Beach Sign Life is Better Nautical and Nursery Home Decor

makes me smile... beach in Maine, New Hampshire but also, on la Côte Nord in Québec, sur la Côte d'Or en Bretagne, in the Netherlands... in Monaco, Saint-Tropez... beaches I've been to... ;-)

I was on a trip to Daytona (left with another group to go to St Augustine, Florida) my 2nd year of University & ended up in a loo with a girl i just met. I was so embarrassed at first but we chatted & she had the cutest ever panties on! Ruffles and bows and grown-up feminine. We'd all been no makeup, bathing suits all the time and she said "I always wear cute undies, they make me feel pretty!" I always remembered & still do it! I might have on jeans and a t, but i am always wearing fab undies!