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Strengthen Your Lower Back in 15 Minutes

6 Simple Exercises to Help Your Back|Strengthen and stretch the muscles in your back to help relieve and prevent pain.

Do this workout to help prevent back pain
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The 8-Minute Better-Back Workout

YOGA SEQUENCE TO SPLITS/HANUMANASANA This sequence may not get you to the splits instantly but they are some stretches to help you along the way. I suggest doing this after a proper warm up. A few Sun A's and Sun B's etc. this is not so much a flow but a Hatha style sequence which is what I personally like to practice. Times given are just guidelines 1. CALF STRETCH 2mins The most forgotten part of "back leg" stretching might be the calves, so best to get this bitch of a stretch over…

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Floor Y Raise

back exercises to sculpt my upper back. gotta whittle it down a bit, strength training is the only way to do it so that it looks good and helps my posture.

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Aprende a tonificar y potenciar tus brazos y hombros con theraband

El entrenamiento de la fuerza con bandas elásticas, se viene utilizando desde hace tiempo y tiene algunas ventajas, por ejemplo mantiene un cierto grado de resistencia independientemente de la posición con respecto de la gravedad, por otro lado hay que tener en cuenta que la resistencia irá aumentando con la tensión de la goma . En esta infografia te mostramos como tonificar tus músculos, deltoides, romboides, tríceps y pectorales con estos útiles theraband

3 sets of wall holds for as long as you can this works out what most women call the pouch or your lower abdominals


4 Moves to Build Strong, Fast Feet

4 exercises to build strong, fast feet-wish someone showed me this 15 years ago when I started running. Take care of your feet!