Mobile - Nokia Luna Platinum Luxury Mobile Phone - A bold vision of defiant indulgence. Behold magnificent Luna - resplendent in glorious platinum. With its rounded corners and graceful features, the Nokia 8600 Luna mobile phone sports a fashionable and futuristic appearance. Smooth to the touch, the unique smoked glass body empowers the easy-to-read high-resolution display. The delicate appearance of the piece belies the strength of its Platinum chassis and protective sliding cover.

Nokia Lumia 920

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Nokia E66

The Nokia 8110

Where Mobile Phone Accidents Occur in Your Home

One in five respondents has made an online purchase on a mobile phone The maturation of the mobile phone market has put a powerful shopping tool in the hands of an ever-growing number of consumers. And recent research shows that they are taking full advantage of it.

Blind Geeks want mobile phones too.

Cell Phone Timeline: How Far Mobile Phones Have Come In The Past 31 Years [Infographic] | By: DJ Miller via TheNextWeb (#cellphone #infographic)

Mobile phones are precious #infografia #infographic

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Nokia HumanForm – The Bendy & Flexible Concept Phone

Nokia 6555 fold

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Nokia N82

Nokia 1100. Nokia nostalgia (2003). Believe or not, world's best selling cell phones with 250 million to date.

Nokia 3310 (2000)

Nokia Lumia 900 is not just a one of the best rated new phones of the year, it's swanky!

Nokia Lumia 800. Simply beautiful. And mine :)

nokia lumia 710

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