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See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. NO! via 3 li'l wise birds representing Clint, Taryn & me. @copyright #peaceBBserenity

Blue Gnatcatcher - SMALL SONGBIRD...The 15 to 20 species of small passerine birds in the gnatcatcher family occur in North and South America (except for the far south and the high Andean regions). Most species of this mainly tropical and subtropical group are resident, but the blue-grey gnatcatcher of the United States and southern Canada migrates south in winter. They are close relatives of the wrens

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Pair Of Puffins Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Betty Wiley

Pair Of Puffins

The American Gold Finch is a bird that frequently visits our bird feeders. Use the Finch model of our Squirrel Buster feeders to attract these curious little yellow birds.