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25 Creative Book Storage Ideas and Home Library Designs

This would be really awesome! Neat idea to place the books according to the state you bought it in. Commit to traveling.

Here are amazing space saving ideas that you might want to try. 1.) Sofa bunk bed. I just remember the Lego movie. 2.) This is neat. 3.) The Purple Room. Lots of space. 4.) Reading nook under the stairs. 5.) This is simply genius. 6.) Nice storage space. 7.) Instant mini office. 8.) Use your old wine rack to get organized. 9.) Stair drawers 10.) Table into an art work. 11.) Amazing room for sleepovers. 12.) Neat and organized. This is very easy. 13.) Hidden Cabinets 14.) Very…

Hidden Doors & Secret Rooms! Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My. This is a place imagination could run wild!