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buttermilk fried chicken wings. hot or cold, these guys are crunchy and juicy. summer picnics, here we come.

Parrot tulips

16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

Adorn my walls with amazing art

Funny Pixar Marvel characters | Love Buzz as Iron Man!

Catherine La Rose: ✿ Joan Marti (1936-2009) ✿

He Drops Alka-Seltzer Into A Sink. I Would Have Never Thought Of Doing This | Videos Worth Sharing

Lego Tsunami

“ Moonwalk ~ By Victor Caroli ”

Melt jolly ranchers in oven at 250 degrees for 5 minutes. Pour over apple. Add edible glitter for the sparkly effect.

Cool clouds over Palm Springs, CA like a charm.

Awesome nature ༺ ♠ ༻*ŦƶȠ*༺ ♠ ༻

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful photography of women and flowers - Portrait Photography by Elena Zanotti

**THIS IS SO BRILLIANT! Melbourne based artist Geoffrey Ricardo demonstrates his Teddy bear prints. This is such a novel and cute 'art piece'. The process can be modified to do at home with all those stuffed toys that end up thrown away anyway. GREAT decoration to hang in a child's room.

Grey Ombre Ruffled Rose Cake | by Sugar Ruffles #Destination42 #destination #wedding #cake #weddingcake #dessert #pastry #delicious #sweet #sugar #sweettoothe #delicious #love #beautiful #yum #frosting #honeymoon #bride #groom #romantic #bridal #reception #romance #rustic

The Eiffel Tower on a snowy day in Paris

Beluga Blowing Bubbles


I absolutely love this tattoo


watercolor tattoo | watercolor tattoo | Follow the Colours

I really want a watercolor tattoo ... I know I am so original

Nelson Mandela street Art shines bright in Brick Lane.