33 ways to stay creative

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Staying creative

29 Ways to Stay Creative

I bet you can try one per day. Well, N.7 at least everyday! "29 Ways to Stay #Creative" #inspiring #infographic

Stay positive! I have to remember this as my trip home from my deployment gets pushed back over and over and over again. (Stay sane!)

6 ways to reduce your anxiety


“Extraordinary ways to surprise the one you love”. Book with 100′s of ideas how to say “I love you” in a creative way. :)



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20 Ways to reduce stress or anxiety. Before it bubbles over, take time every day or week to lower stress levels by practicing self-care. To find out more about depression and anxiety counseling click here melissasatti.com/

the creative adult

Be creative...

Anxiety....this actually makes me smile. :)

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Take a risk and get your creativity on!

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The Gap Between Your Work, and Your Good Taste by Ira Glass

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