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    Police Checkpoints Requesting DNA Samples in Alabama

    Military Veteran Charged for Using Gun in Self Defense - The Free Patriot

    In the USA-what have we come to? DuPont sends in it's own private police force to enforce seed patents. NO SEED SAVING ALLOWED!!!!! EVERYTHING AMERICA IS AGAINST!

    Stop-and-frisk reports filed by NYC police fell 51% in Jan-March 2013 compared with the same period last year.

    Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Because of Twitter Page - The Free Patriot

    Texas Hands Out Free Guns to Its Citizens - The Free Patriot

    MUST WATCH VIDEO: Why America Was Established As a Republic and Not a Democracy - The Free Patriot

    Seattle Bans the Word “Citizen” Because it Might Offend Non-Citizens

    TSA loudspeakers threaten travelers with arrest for joking about security - Police State USA

    Salt Lake City Police shot a dog in a private, fenced, and gated backyard on June 18, 2014 when the police were searching for a missing child.

    Professor From Columbia Comes Forward Saying Obama Never Attended the University - The Free Patriot

    Prominent Republican Says "I'm glad NSA is collecting phone records" - The Free Patriot

    New York: Penalty For 8 Round Magazines More Severe Than Being A Repeat Child Molestor - The Free Patriot

    Rand Paul "The NSA is Spying On You - Here Is How to Fight Back" - The Free Patriot

    My time is limited.

    Impeach Obama!

    NOT LONG AGO...GLENN BECK told us that OBAMA would make CONGRESS irrelevant. Obama has done it TODAY with his new policy of SUBVERTING RULE OF LAW, and allowing ILLEGALS to stay in the U.S. WE THE PEOPLE have said NO to this. CONGRESS has said NO to this. Obama puts it in place for his OWN WELFARE.....VOTES! Call your LEGISLATORS and RAISE THE ROOF. We don't have DICTATORS in the U.S.A. We have a PROCESS to institute laws.


    OBAMA INCREASES SAUDI STUDENT VISAS BY 659% SINCE TAKING OFFICE. Bush decreased it by 65% after 9/11....Then comes Obama. (terrorism, islam, muslim, jihad) Obama gave a speech JiHad is on the decline. WHERE HAS HE BEEN? What about FT HOOD, THE BOSTON BOMBINGS AND BRITIANS SOLDIER HACKED TO DEATH. Another soldier was attack in France.