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DuPont Sends in Former Cops to Enforce Seed Patents: Commodities

In the USA-what have we come to? DuPont sends in it's own private police force to enforce seed patents. NO SEED SAVING ALLOWED!!!!!---HOW much will we take before we say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! ???

Keep Calm and Carry Onfrom Keep Calm and Carry On

Freedom is in Peril Poster

THINK if you would have to depend on what you got to eat where to live ,say what you wanted without fear,couldn't teach your children your values and couldn't improve your life. IF THE NEWS WAS CENSORED . EVERYTHING you take for granted now was illegal. You don't realize what you could lose & how your life would change. Do yourself a favor. Read up on Communism and Stalin before you put your life into the hands of others!

Business Insiderfrom Business Insider

This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World

bilderberg group This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Why America Was Established As a Republic and Not a Democracy - The Free Patriot

Cops in chase that killed unarmed black couple will keep jobs

With the rise in RFID chips in everything from the clothes sold at Walmart to your credit cards, Spray-on antenna: Wireless in a can -- This is going to make tracking you inevitable.

CALIFORNIA: Published in the Portola Reporter: Let’s Take Back Our Power & Wise Up to “Smart” Meters By Josh Hart, Director www.StopSmartMeters.Org An Itron AMR “smart” meter deployed in Plumas County CA was measured emitting 20.5 microwatts per square centimeter one foot away. At this level, studies show damage to DNA and effects on memory and learning, and would be illegal in China, Russia, Poland and Switzerland.

Salt Lake City Police shot a dog in a private, fenced, and gated backyard on June 18, 2014 when the police were searching for a missing child.

This article is my most controversial article because it contains “forbidden knowledge” and evidence proving that the Controllers have infiltrated and distorted most systems in the world, including the religious, political, educational, and financial system. If you do not believe that there are people who want to control everything that you do and think, read this mind boggling article (contains visual proof) and then ask yourself why are they deceiving you.

Many of you have already found out how true this is. Be careful who you talk to.