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  • Kathy White

    DNA Evidence

  • Cassia Maria

    I found these in a secret cave with Ky - it has DNA samples from the people the Society thought were important. They are hoping to one day "resurrect" these people..

  • Pam Runge

    Police Checkpoints Requesting DNA Samples in Alabama - The Free Patriot- Obama has taken spying to a new level! He knows where you are at all times. Who you talk to and for how long. You're email is read and they have access to everything you look up on your search engine. Chips are being put in new Microwaves and Televisions. You're new car will come with a black box. "It's all for your own good." (Is that why did they kept it a secret and lied under oath? Do you TRUST your govt?)

  • Brenda Brunson

    A Bill Nobody Noticed: The DNA Databank

  • Predlog Com

    The American scientists revealed liberal views gene #predlog #AMERICA, #NEWS, #USA, #USATODAY

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