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Plain and simple.

Sebastian Stan's response to those who choose #TeamIronMan

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person. Andy Rooney ❤️❤️ #quote #dog

Not Your Average Historical Fiction - River City Reading

What Everybody Ought To Know About Photographing Sunsets and Sunrise #photography #phototips http://www.lightstalking.com/photographing-sunsets-sunrises/

ZEUS - A1072530 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 05/20/16 A volunteer writes: As I was leashing Zeus for a walk a staff person passed by and said ” He is soooo sweet”, and he certainly is! Of course, with a name like Zeus I was hoping he could make the torrential rain stop, but instead we spent some quality cuddle time hunkered down in a doorway as it poured. Zeus seems housetrained, didn’t mind wearing a raincoat, and was certainly a better sport about the

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#Creative person #quote by Frank Barron by doveandhedge, via Flickr

Good habits are as addictive as bad habits but much more rewarding. It will take an average of 30 days to develop a fitness habit. But, once fitness becomes part of your routine, it becomes a normal part of who you are. Why not shred your body and kick start a healthy lifestyle with our 4-week no-equipment fitness and diet CHALLENGE? Losing 10 pounds is actually easier than you think…. #weightloss #bodytransformation #fatburn #HIIT #workoutforwomen

Manhattan Center ROCKO – A1073088 MALE, TRICOLOR, AM PIT BULL TER MIX, 3 yrs STRAY – STRAY WAIT, NO HOLD Reason STRAY Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 05/10/2016, From NY 11693, DueOut Date 05/13/2016

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you have big work to do

If you're tired of the daily gym grind, spending an hour on the treadmill and mind-numbing resistance training machines then it's time to switch things up! Develop muscle tone, increase strength, and scorch fat with our full body kettlebell workout.

The average leader,s day #H2H #leadership

Have you ever met someone that surprised you? Like, you meet this person, and at first you hardly pay any attention to them. You may not even really be attracted to, but as you get to know them, you notice yourself falling for them. This person that was once average to you has quickly become the greatest, most beautiful person in the world, and perhaps even the most important. It's just funny looking back. You never saw something like this coming, it kind of just... happened.

11 ways rich people think differently than the average person.

New gram from Justin// I am so lucky to share these moments with you I am so glad God is able to move even when people are blind to it.. I am the one on that stage but I am nothing without a light shining through. I'm such an average ordinary person that doesn't deserve the praise. I believe it belongs to my God! Thank you God for showing up when we need you the most! by justinbieber

Isfj x2. Where is isfp... it would be nice to know whether i'm normal or at least average. But without knowing I think i am more average..

Five Tips for Describing Your Artwork to the Average Person

taylor swift.. this describes my entire time..