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"a beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice, and love. May that beautiful life be yours. Always." -Dennis Castillo

It means "Everything I do, I do it with my whole heart" Kind of want a tattoo similar to this, it's beautiful.

"She's a rare breed, matter fact, she's an endangered species, her heart's been broken and just like mine it remains in pieces, but every time we're near each other smile is all we can do, our shattered souls intertwine, i know i've felt the same agonizing pain that she's been through. i find comfort in her grasp so i reach out with both arms"

This tattoo combines two favorites - the books becoming flying birds, and this great quote (inspired by a quote in Game of Thrones).

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Breavley Diamond

With Pain Comes Strength. Love the quote. Want it on my inside arm


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