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There is more going on than what meets our eyes . . . Prevalent in the major works of Leonardo Da Vinci is 'phi' (also known as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean), a ratio of 1:1.618. This is found in nature and creation, and the Fibonacci sequence.

WALTER PICHLER. Small Room (Prototype 4), 1967 Photography: Werner Kaligofsky. Generali Foundation, Vienna. © Generali Foundation

To Love is to Be by Martin Eichinger

Two lovers grow together in a whirlwind romance. They are one and have each others back. Bronze sculpture "Rapture" has received numerous awards and accolades. Martin Eichinger shares a love story in this timeless romantic work.

"Bird in the Hand" is a romantic bronze sculpture by visionary master sculptor Martin Eichinger. As she balances free in flight with her eyes closed symbolizing total trust between them. They have complete faith in one another.

Gabrielle at the Gate, Henri Martin just so beautiful how the light glows even in the shadows, gives such a wonderful feeling :)

From NewMoonStudio on Etsy. A perfect purple pomegranate vase; I like the red and the pink ones, but this is especially adorable.

Reliquary Hand, French,13th Century. Copper, silver plated.

hen awaiting legs by Joe lawrence art work, via Flickr

Madagascar. Standing Figure (Aloalo) with Superstructure, Mahafaly people // The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Caddisfly larvau build protective cases using materials found in their environment. Artist Hubert Duprat supplied them with gold leaf and precious stones. This is what they created.