Coconut oil is not just for cooking anymore! Click here for 30 unexpected ways to use coconut oil.

Easy recipe for absolutely FABULOUS Homemade Face Cream. All Natural! Via View From The Fridge

Coconut oil, shea or mango butter, vitamin E, aloe vera gel and vanilla essence

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil sugar body scrub

Destress bath... One of my favorite ways to relax. Also a great time to exfoliate after soaking for 20/3mins.

DIY: whipped coconut + green tea moisturizer

Easy Homemade Body Butter — Perfect shaving cream for legs!

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What is Oil Pulling? This simple technique can lead to clearer skin, whiter teeth and better health. Helps your body detox. You will notice amazing results if you commit to it every day! My dentist recommends this for all of his patients. -

How To Make a Natural Face Moisturizer 1 cup aloe vera gel 3/4 ounce beeswax 1/4 cup almond oil 1/4 cut coconut oil 10 drops of your favorite essential oil Chocolate/soap melter or double boiler Blender

MANY uses for Coconut Oil!

The Best DIY Lip Balm (1)

DIY Almond Body Wash

Anti-cellulite massages are expensive and very painful so I suggest you do your own, at home, wraps with natural products that help you get rid of cellulite.

I Can't Pin It!: 80 Totally Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

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160 Uses for Coconut Oil