Coconut Oil: It’s Not Just For Cooking Anymore

by Danielle Pistono
This do-all oil has been all over the news as of late, and it has been reported to be much more than just a food enhancer. Awhile back the gorgeous Miranda Kerr even said how much she loves the oil, using it to maintain shiny hair and flawless skin. You don't, however, need to consume…
  • Faith Knight

    Coconut oil uses

  • Smaranda

    30 unexpected ways to use coconut oil in your beauty routine

  • Samantha Battaglia

    I use Trader Joes Coconut oil for not only cooking, but for my face and body moisturizer. Love love love coconut oil!

  • Bethany Ward

    Coconut oil is not just for cooking anymore! I'm loving it as a skin and lip moisturizer, oil pulling, and a hair treatment!

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