I have always wanted to become a hairdresser....even had a business plan for it!  So of course I became a Registered Dietitian......

here we are :) new prom updos. this prom hairstyle is so cheerful :) best prom updo. i like this hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles updo  Beauty Entourage

Brides: The 10 Best Wedding Hairstyles. Emily accented her updo with a gold ribbon headband and vintage brooch for her Boston wedding.

#wedding updo inspiration - what hairstyle are you going for?

Hair and Make-up by Steph

S Sutila Sutila Mulligan . I really like the one down from top for Jessy's wedding maybe? I like the curls and how it's pulled back from the face but still lots of volume on top.

this looks like something that ana would create. with my short hair i marvel at how women can twist and shape their hair. i love watching ana french braid her own hair.

Modern Elegance in Dallas Wedding

21 Seriously Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles: http://www.modwedding.com/2014/10/06/editors-pick-21-seriously-gorgeous-wedding-hairstyles-looking/ #wedding #weddings #wedding_hairstyle

21 Seriously Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

Love this updo with the baby's breath scattered throughout. Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

Pretty hair and Bridal Ribbon Rhinestone Headband Hair Accessory - Gracie

1920s Bridal Ribbon Headband, Gatsby Headband, Vintage Headband, Downton Abbey Headpiece, Lottie Da Designs - GRACIE

Bridal Ribbon Headband, Gatsby Headband, Vintage Headband, Bridal Hairband, Vintage hairband - GRACIE via Etsy