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  • Cecelia Allgood

    did this in an elevator in Austin this weekend...yup, I'm hilarious.

  • Heather Chandler

    Elevator humor: I would SO do this if I could "look sternly" and not laugh my ass off while saying it!

  • I love pinterest

    It's on my bucket list to do...little known fact. I am shy but I would LOVE to do something like a hidden camera show. That is my fave type of humor.

  • Rebecca Taylor

    Funny elevator prank idea | Funny Pictures | Funny Quotes | Funny Jokes – Photos, Images, Pics

  • Anna Kitabjian

    LOL! I would laugh so hard if someone did this in my elevator! So funny! That would totally make my day!

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Is it weird that I identify with this?

ooooor you could just buy a flathead dumbass! <---pinned for comment!! hahahaha

HAHAHA... K . Johnson i'll give you one guess as to who this reminded me of

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Some British first world problems... Is it really? Not stereotypes intended!

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Paige? Are you getting my messages?

hahahahahahaha! I want to see something like this if I have to hear another missing food story at work!

Hola! Do you know ----------?

It seems like you can't handle this situation... ;) GET OUT!!! How? haha!

I would just like to apologize to my future children because it is more than likely that I will be this mom.

  • Amy Champion

    ^^^^ So? His alias is Flynn Ryder. Besides, it's probably better she named her children "Flynn" and "Ryder" as opposed too "Eugene" and "Fifzherbert" haha.

  • allison Ketz

    I named my daughter Lily because of harry potter no shame.

  • Equinox Auroramoon

    I'm naming my children Sophie (From Howl's moving castle) and Sakura (From Naruto, meaning cherry blossom)

  • Amy Champion

    I love Howl's Moving Castle! :)

  • Equinox Auroramoon

    I just got the book yesterday and I haven't put it down! Lol

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someone needs to come up with a good penis/vagina joke for this picture.