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Nike has been the premier sneaker for years and they have some of the best athletes at the professional level representing them.

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I've had these words on my vision board for over 12 years - everything you need to know is inside of you now!

and again, and again, and even once more... no matter if no one is there to help you, just do it.

4 words can still tell a whole story.

Nike Running Gear for Ladies - Sure bet for quality & stylish design. Just helps to look good while sweating like a piggie ;)

Also, eat off of a salad plate, because your serving only needs to be as big as your fist. Eat small portions every 2 hours to keep your blood sugar stable.You need to work out for 40 mins. at least to lose weight (sweat). If you have a craving for something, only eat as much as you need to kill that craving. Plus don't consume sugar drinks.

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