Real Heros


cat ♥

Kittens don't care.

“let people know there are animals out there that need us desperately. And to always treat them with the same dignity and kindness we would like to recieve ourselves.” Photo: Kitten, October, 2011, Thailand flooding disaster; unknown photographer.

A soldier and his best friend…

"Dogs have so much to teach us." I don't care if this story is real or not. I was crying by the end of it because its meaning is so true.

Soldier and kitty

Soldier / Dog reunion--look at that face!

long term relationship

Whatever. I'm comfortable.

Adorable. Read this:) it's great if you're having a bad day! this just made my day even better <3

oh so sweet! =^..^=

Purrfect anti-stress formula

loyal partner.. Bless our female soldiers.

How I love this snowman.

Cat lady love.

Crazy Cat People