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orange + scruffy + just scott speedman

ultimate dreamboat mainer guy: boat, bean boots, down jacket, necessary facial hair, piercing blue eyes.

Cappuccino.  (How do I find a coffee date with this lovely?)

suit, beard AND coffee? who am I kidding, I couldn't be with someone who wears a suit to coffee.rather, he couldn't be with me ;


Perfectly manicured beards are back in style. How do y’all feel about facial hair? Art of Shaving, want the hubby to try again, hasn't since his I think facial hair is hot!

Den Look kaufen:  https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/pullover-mit-kapuze-chinohose-umhaengetasche-muetze-schal-handschuhe/1182  — Graue Mütze  — Dunkelblauer und grüner Schal mit Schottenmuster  — Dunkelblauer Pullover Mit Kapuze  — Braune Umhängetasche  — Dunkelrote Wollhandschuhe  — Beige Chinohose

Vans OTW's Howell midtop boot for Fall Barbour AW men's canvas Giorgio Armani - Men Fashion Fall Winter Tiger of Swede.


Just standing out in a corn field in my dress pants and button up. Pretty nice corn growing out here.