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origami fabric or paper butterflies

oragami type bows. wish i knew how to make these!

Make Butterfly Decorations Using Plastic Bottles

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Become a DIY Expert With These 25 Projects

Origami Gift Box - A simple yet fantastic and unique way to give gifts. This origami gift box even has room for a little message to be slipped inside.

Cardboard letters. You can bend it and shape it as you please. PLUS you could plaster it and make a firm shape, either way a wonderful letter formation.

@ecemsardine denemeliii, yapmalııı, turnalara kardeş olmalııı ^^

Make your own mosaic tiles. Use a rubber door mat as a guide. Accuracy is important. Mix 15ml wood glue (cold glue) with 55ml water. Then add 15ml acrylic paint in a color of your choosing and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle 80ml gypsum on top and wait until it drop to the bottom by itself, then stir - otherwise it will make lumps. Mix everything until it is the consistency of yoghurt- add water if necessary. Put it onto the rubber mat and fill the ...